Top-Notch Yoga Tops

Before anything else, your tank top should be perfect for yoga. Breathability is always an issue when it comes to yoga clothing, so we created our yoga tank tops with practice in mind.

Our tops are designed with yoga support in mind, so they can be worn without any type of sports bra. However, it isn’t uncommon to combine a yoga sports bra and tank top look to provide extra support and comfort without restricting your movement or breathing.

We don’t skimp on the materials we create our yoga tops with, either. Each top is made with the best materials to keep a comfortable fit while you’re staying active. During your practice, your tank top will keep its fit and help your skin breath, making yoga a smoother, more relaxing experience.

All tank tops are also machine washable.

Trendy Tank Tops by Yogi Wear

Get the most out of your look with one of our uniquely designed yoga tops. Designed to look awesome and keep you cool, each top goes great with a pair of cute yoga pants, designed to make you and your leggings stand out.

The tanks also work with bras which can be worn comfortable underneath. Some of our tank top designs feature an open back, so you can reveal just as much as you want.

While the tops are designed to be worn for yoga practice and working out, they also look cute when combined with a casual pair of yoga pants or check our matching outfits for yoga. They’re truly one of the most versatile tops you’ll be able to find.

Each tank is designed to fit comfortably around your body without constricting or feeling too loose. The result is a perfect fit that compliments your shape and figure. Rock a top with sleeves or straps, an open or closed back. Your look is up to you!