Backless Yoga Tops

Let the strength of your inner goddess shine through with a backless yoga top, cut to showcase every ridge of those upper body muscles you have been toning in practice. Perfect for yogis and athletes alike who enjoy rigorous, sizzling workout sessions, backless tops provide maximum ventilation so you can push yourself to the limit. YogiWear offers a wide selection of open back yoga tops sure to include a look that reflects your fierceness. Hot!

Backless yoga tops provide supreme airflow, allowing your back to experience a refreshing coolness, essential during high exertion workouts. Athletes who prefer outdoor exercise will delight in open back tops, especially during the hot and humid summer months. Absolutely mandatory for beach workouts, open back yoga tops provide a window of exposure to the sun, bronzing your back during your workout and saving you from those awkward tank top tan lines. If you prefer indoor studio workouts, an open back yoga top can still come in handy, especially for sessions that include fast flow sequences and plenty of planks. Even the hottest hot yoga sessions are no match for a breathable, backless top, designed to keep you feeling cool as a cucumber throughout the toughest workouts.

Open Back Yoga Tops

More than just a smart choice for sweaty workouts, open back yoga tops are fun and flirty, keeping you feeling feminine and strong while you exercise.  Whether you’re into stylish slash detailing, modest peek-through windows or unique and trendy straps, there is a backless yoga top that will match your fashion desires.  Paired with black pants and boots, backless tops can create an edgy look ideal for turning heads in town.  Try wearing an open back yoga top with a pair of cute shorts for a fun day date at the beach or in the park.

Backless yoga tops provide a super sexy look that is prime for highlighting your movements and showing off those upper body muscles.  YogiWear has created a collection of the flirtiest backless yoga tops so you can find the look that works for you.  Perfect for challenging workouts and adventurous daytrips, add this versatile piece to your wardrobe.  Whether you’re going for sporty, sexy, strappy or classy, all of YogiWear’s open back yoga tops provide premium comfort, so you can’t go wrong in your selection!