Wide Leg Yoga Pants

Allow your body to experience supreme comfort and mobility with a pair of wide leg yoga pants.  Ideal for yogis and athletes who prefer a little more movement and airflow in their clothing, the wide leg yoga pant selection provided by YogiWear offers optimum ease of movement without sacrificing style.

Because of the traditional cut, wide leg yoga pants are amongst the most versatile options for yoga wear that can be worn outside of the studio and gym.  Worn with a stylish silk top or sweater, people in town will find it hard to believe that you’re actually wearing workout pants!  This versatility is priceless for yogis on the go who transition from working out in the studio to running errands around town to meeting friends out for a coffee and catch-up.  Wide leg yoga pants fit right in anywhere, bringing classic style and priceless comfort to any situation the day throws your way.

On top of incredible versatility, colorful wide legged yoga pants look great on every body type, and they are especially flattering for curvy figures.  Their unique cut also makes them easy to wear with boots or bigger shoes, because the width of the pant adds movement and flow along the leg-line, making shoes seem smaller and more petite.  While they are often a popular choice during Fall and cooler months, wide leg cotton yoga pants look fantastic year-round.

YogiWear offers a variety of stylish yoga pants featuring energizing designs inspired by the carefree spirit of Miami.  All pants are created with breathable fabric and offer optimum comfort to support you through your toughest workouts, so you simply can’t go wrong in your choice.  Find the right style for that speaks to you, or try a new look and embrace the positive change it can bring to your life!