White Yoga Pants and Leggings

Channel transcendent serenity no matter what challenges you face with a cool white addition to your workout wardrobe.  Certain colors have the power to quietly influence the outside world by projecting and intensifying particular emotions.  Use your outfit to share tranquility with the world while also debuting your calm personality and sheer sense of style with a pair of white yoga pants.

White is a powerful color that is easily paired with patterned tops and unique shades, so almost any top in an interesting hue will match!  White yoga leggings are incredibly useful to pair with tops in rare hues that are often difficult to match, such as lime, chartreuse and goldenrod.

White Yoga Leggings

If you’re looking to channel the airy, heavenly lightness that the color white is commonly associated with, try wearing a loose shirt in a soft color, such as rose.  This can help lift your posture and optimism during a yoga session.  White on white can also make a serene statement, and it often works best when the two colors are similar in tone but not exact, such as a soft cream and pure white.  This color break allows your figure to become more visible while flattering your shape by making lines softer.

If you want a louder look, try wearing your white yoga pants with a crop top in a vibrant color.  This combo will shout spring and bring an element of playfulness and energy to your look.

You can also experiment with white yoga leggings that have extra details such as a printed design, racing silhouette stripes, or angled color block patterns.  White yoga leggings with these fun features can create a modern look.

Open up to the infinite divine found within yourself with a pair of white yoga pants.  Choose from a wide selection of white yoga pants to create the appearance you want.  All of YogiWear’s yoga leggings are designed with your happiness as a top priority, so you can enjoy a comfortable fit while displaying exceptional style.