Yoga Hoodies

Designer yoga clothes are expected to perfectly balance of fashion and function. With that in mind, we designed our array of yoga hoodies to follow the current trends of fashion while also keeping the clothing comfortable and breathable for yoga practices.

Made with the same love and attention as all our other yoga clothing, our hoodies are the perfect complement to any yoga wardrobe. Each hoodie is meant to work well with just about any style of yoga pant we carry, making it easier for you to mix and match.

Hoodies are one of the hottest trends right now in athleisure, and after trying on a pair of our Yogiwear hoodies you’ll see the appeal!

Keep Cool and Cozy

The classic hoodie look never goes out of style, so you’ll be guaranteeing yourself a hoodie that you’ll love to wear for years to come.

Designed with the fit of the wearer in mind, our yoga hoodies stretch comfortably over the upper body while also maintaining a loose, flowing fit around the waist. This helps keep the hoodie looking relaxed, making it easier to rock in casual situations.

Being a type of sweatshirt, you should expect your hoodies to protect you from any cold spells. The polyester composition of our stock is consistent with the quality of most high-end athletic clothing. This also helps each article keep you drier during wet times by repelling water better than most other types of fabric.

Truly a hybrid of fashion and function, you’ll instantly fall in love with our original spin on this classic look!

Heat Up Your Practice

Yoga clothes shouldn’t detract from your workout – instead, we wanted our yoga hoodies to make you more comfortable while practicing.

With a fit designed to be comfortable without constricting your body, you won’t lose any range of motion while wearing our yoga hoodies. You also won’t experience any excessive looseness that comes with some sweatshirts you might wear, so you won’t need to worry about your hoodie sliding around while you do yoga.

The material is thin enough to keep you warm while also giving your body a chance to breathe. For those that are prone to feel chilly in large, air-conditioned yoga studios, this is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. These yoga hoodies will keep you covered, making it easier to loosen up and stay comfortable for a full session.

From the fitted shoulder area down to thumb holes in the sleeves to prevent them from sliding around, each detail of our sweatshirts was included with yoga practice in mind, so the more you use our hoodies, the more you’ll start to fall in love with them!