High-Waisted Yoga Capris

Embrace a look that reflects divine style and practical coverage with a pair of high-waisted yoga capris.  Ideal for yogis and athletes who prefer a little more coverage near the waistline, the high-waisted yoga capri selection provided by YogiWear offers an ideal fit in a variety of fun styles.

Yoga capris with a high waist ease concerns about coverage while working out.  Because the waistline is higher than a traditional cut, coverage extends above the waist, reaching just at the ribcage or below the bust, depending on your torso length.  This is fantastic for yogis and athletes whose practice requires them to do excessive twisting, bending and stretching.  For certain body types, such as those with a larger, more muscular backside, a traditional cut yoga pant ends up slipping down during forward folding movements, causing concern and resulting in restricted movement.  Women with longer torsos experience similar issues.  You shouldn’t have any worries during your yoga practice!  High-waisted yoga capris offer heightened coverage around your waist so you can experience the freedom of bending and stretching to your max during workout sessions.

Respected fashion sources attest that high-waisted capris are most flattering on women with tall, slim figures or those with an average height who have a longer torso.  Yet whatever your body shape, we know that as long as you can wear it comfortably and confidently, you will look fantastic!  Because high-waisted capris highlight your waistline, if you are looking to show off your shape, this is a great choice for you.  The capri cut offers extra airflow around the ankles, making these pants a fantastic choice for warm weather or hot yoga sessions.

High-waisted yoga capris can be paired with any shoe style, making them a super practical addition to your wardrobe.  Crop tops are also perfect for high-waisted yoga capris, because they allow the waistline to be fully visible and reinforce a playful, summertime look.

YogiWear offers an awesome selection of high-waisted yoga capris so that you can find a cool look that energizes your spirit and highlights your figure.  Open your heart and try something new—you might find an undiscovered fashionista that you never knew was there!  YogiWear high-waisted yoga capris are designed with you in mind, so you can enjoy reassuring coverage and breathability during your workouts while showing off a sexy summertime look.