Viscose Pants

There are plenty of different types of yoga pants, each with their own fit, style and fabric. Of the many styles, viscose pants are among the most popular right now – and the appeal is clear. As a material, our viscose pants allows for the same breathability that you’d expect from a normal pair of Yogiwear pants, but with the benefit that comes with a polyester base.

Like any style of yoga pant, the quality of the material is the key to comfort and looks. We only use the highest quality of the material to guarantee a natural and comfortable fit. Check out our available viscose pants to find the perfect pair today!

Dress for Comfort with Viscose Yoga Pants

We make sure that all of our clothing is both functional and fashionable – meaning you still get the same level of comfort that you would expect from a cotton-based yoga pant or any style from Yogiwear.

Also, viscose can be lighter and more flowing than cotton. The result is usually a more relaxed fit than you would find in a traditional pair of cotton-based yoga pants.

Like all athleisure, comfort is an important part of viscose yoga pants. By maintaining a looser feel and fit, these pants help you avoid the irritation that can come with tighter, more constricting yoga pants.

Keep Up with the Trends

With yoga fashion’s dominance in athleisure, a pair of viscose yoga pants is essential for your wardrobe. Viscose offers a unique look that you can’t get with other types of yoga pant, and the material is easy to match with.

Perfect for casual occasions, viscose yoga pants maintain the classic yoga pant look while allowing some give. The result is a looser-fitting pant that allows for the same range of motion as normal yoga pants while leaving a little extra room between skin and fabric.

Viscose pants are incredibly popular right now, and they’re a huge hit for laid-back days at the beach or at a park.