Plus Size Yoga Wear

Yogis come in all shapes and sizes, and we’re dedicated to making sure that all women have access to yoga clothes that fit their individual bodies and personalities. Our plus size yoga clothing line is just another addition to our growing collection of Yogiwear clothing, and anyone who has looked through our collection will see that we’ve put the same effort and love into our plus size yoga clothing as our other lines.

Each pair of our plus size yoga pants comes in the classic Yogiwear style. By perfectly blending the utility of yoga pants and unique style we love, our plus size pants stand out from other styles you might find. We offer pants with unique designs or classic solid colors, and as our collection grows, you’ll be able to find the perfect pair for you.

Feel Great in Yoga Pants for Your Size

Yogiwear pants are designed with one goal in mind – to let you feel great in the clothes you wear.

We took this same approach with our plus size line, making sure that each fit doesn’t tighten uncomfortably or unnaturally around any part of the hips or legs. The result is a normal yoga pant look, keeping true to your form while also hugging your skin just enough to add a comfortable pressure.

Our plus size yoga pant line also gives you the option of solid colors or our more unique designs. While the classic solid color or solid black look will never go out of style, many of the yogis that shop with us love the original designs inspired by Miami and South Beach. Whether you want to match your pants with the perfect top or express yourself with our unique designs, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.

Practice Comfortably

The most important thing your yoga pants should do is help you with your yoga practice. The four-way stretch allows you to move from position to position without any sliding in most of the pant, meaning you won’t need to stop and readjust constantly throughout the practice.

For yogis that don’t like a constricting feel around their entire leg, then these are the perfect yoga pants. While sliding won’t occur in the upper part of the pant, the lower pant is designed to fit more loosely around the ankles. This helps with insulation, and it keeps the pant from getting too tight around the bottom of the leg. The looseness in the lower leg is made possible by the criss-cross stitching at the bottom, which also happens to look great!

Each pair of our plus size yoga pants uses a blend of polyester and spandex, letting the fabric stretch comfortably while also allowing your body to breathe during practices.