Buddha Pants

Light and flowing, Buddha pants are recognizable from a mile away. This trend has been sweeping the yoga world, and the only people who don’t wear these pants are those that haven’t tried them on.

While the size and style of Buddha yoga pants might seem off-putting, it’s actually the main reason most yoga practicers have adopted the pant – the fashion aspect is just an added bonus.

Before ruling out this style of pant, go ahead and try a pair out. Not only will you immediately understand the appeal, but you’ll fall in love with the freedom these pants offer. Whether you’re interested in yoga pants for fashion, function or philosophy, Buddha pants are the perfect pant for everyone.

Room to Breathe

Before anything else, these are great for any yoga practice. Because they don’t hug the skin tightly, this style of pant is incredibly breathable and loose, keeping you cool during your flow.

With the adjustable waist and elastic grip around the ankles, Buddha pants are designed to give you the most range of motion without any sliding that comes with loose fitting clothes.

The relaxed fit is also ideal for those that don’t like pants that hug the skin tightly. Not all yoga pants have to stretch around the entire leg, and this style of pant is proof. You’ll essentially be getting the same benefits that you’d get from normal yoga pants, but with a relaxed fit.

Make a Statement

While most people who wear Buddha pants for yoga appreciate them for their functionality during a practice, others see the fashion potential. Yogiwear Buddha pants are brightly designed and colored in our classic Miami style, guaranteeing to turn heads when people see you wearing them.

Our Buddha pants come with the classic drop crotch style, making each pair a one-size-fits-all pant. These pants pair well with our yoga tops, and after wearing a pair of Buddha pants on a sunny day you’ll never want to go back to a normal pair of pants.

More casual than most types of yoga pant, Buddha pants are the epitome of relaxation and zen.