Healthy Holidays

The year is almost over, and your New Year’s resolution to stay healthy has been going well. However, we’re in the midst of the most difficult time of the year to stay fit and healthy: the holidays.

Between all the dinners, cocktail parties and desserts, staying fit during the holidays is a difficult task.

But fitting your clothes isn’t the only health factor you have to pay attention to. The holidays are a busy time, and there are tons of small and large things that are going to take a toll on you and boost your stress.

Taking time to do some yoga is going to help keep you fit, both mentally and physically. Also, yoga doesn’t require too much room if do the right poses. Check out some of the moves we’ll be doing this holiday season to stay healthy:

Warrior I, II and III

While warrior I and II should be staples to any yogi’s flow, warrior III is going to step it up a notch.

Starting off with warrior I, you’ll be in a lunge position, engaging your legs and upper body by keeping your arms level. Warrior II is similar, but it will engage your upper body in a different way.

Once you’re warm, warrior III is going to seriously engage your legs and core. This takes balance, so using a block to support yourself with your lower arm can be helpful. Warrior III isn’t easy, but even a little bit of this pose is going to work wonders!

Triangle Pose

If you want to add more body work to the warrior poses, triangle pose is a great next step.

From the same base as warrior II, shift the weight from your front, bent leg back to straighten it out. Shift your upper body from the hips to reach the front arm toward the front foot.

When this pose is done correctly, it will stretch your legs and provide a good thigh burn at the same time.

Plank Pose/Chaturanga

Plank pose engages the upper core of the body, and holding a plank is going to give you a decent workout.

If you want to step it up from there, chaturangas are the way to go! From your plank, do a push-up down, extend into upward facing dog and then roll the weight back over the feet into downward facing dog.

From downward facing dog, shift your weight back forward until you’re in plank pose again – and that’s one chaturanga!

Side Plank

The side plank is a good pose for strengthening your core while giving your arms a bit of a workout. From a normal plank pose, shift all the weight of your body onto one arm and leg.

Be sure to spread your fingers out on the base hand! This will help the weight spread more evenly, preventing any damage to the wrists.

Cobbler Pose

Moving from more strenuous poses to something more relaxing, cobbler pose is an excellent stretch to do after other poses.

The nice thing about cobbler pose is that you can take this time to do some meditation. The longer you’re in the pose, the deeper your stretch becomes – so you can sit, work on your body and relax your mind all at once!

Child’s Pose

To finish up a fit flow, you should spend some time in child’s pose. This is an excellent pose for you back, but it’s also a good pose to clear your mind and relax.

Most yoga poses are going to help with your stress. Yoga is designed to help the body detox, and stress physically builds in the muscles. By getting your blood pumping and working out your muscles, you’ll be flushing out those toxins and keeping your body in better shape. Just be sure to drink lots of water!