flatter tummies

Most yoga poses have more than one purpose. While you stretch and burn fat, you also tone the section of your body that you’re working on. This is one of the reasons that yoga is so popular – you can get an all-around workout for any part of your body.

One of the biggest draws to yoga is the benefits it offers to the core. Those that are looking to tone up their abs and flatten their belly have found that yoga poses offer the perfect challenge and some of the best results. Here are some of our favorite poses to get your core toned up for beach season!

Boat Pose

This is one of the ultimate core poses to do in yoga. The key with this pose is to make sure that you have a strong, straight spine while you sit up. If you don’t keep your core engaged, you could end up putting pressure on your lower back and causing some pain. Do this pose correctly, and you’ll feel the burn from the bottom of your rib cage down to your hip flexors.

Side Plank

Normal planks can get really boring really quickly, so we recommend trying out the side plank. Side planks are going to engage the sides of your core, so alternating sides is important. If you want to add a challenge, stack your side plank by extending the bottom arm and lifting the other arm to the sky. This will tone your arms at the same time – a bonus to the normal core toning!

Tree Pose

This might seem like the easiest pose on this list, but it can be one of the toughest – especially if you’ve done any of the others beforehand. The tree pose is that classic yoga pose where you stand on one leg with your other leg bent. Getting to this pose might be easy, but holding it is hard. The longer you hold this pose, the more you’ll realize that it’s working your core in areas that you’re not used to using.

Chair Pose

The longer you hold chair pose, the longer you’re going to feel the burn. This pose is great for toning the upper legs, but it also makes your hip flexors work overtime. If you want to make it even tougher, you can always add a twist to your chair pose. Whatever is comfortable since you want to avoid injuries.

Downward Dog

It seems like everything in yoga comes back to the downward facing dog pose! This pose can work out any part of your body – core included. To engage the core, lift one leg up to the sky. After, lean forward and pull the knee of the lifted leg toward the chest without letting the foot touch the ground. Then, with the leg still off the ground, shift back into downward facing dog. Drop the leg and switch sides.

There are a few things to keep in mind when exercising the core. First, you aren’t going to see results after one day. The core can be stressful because of that! Second, you need to put in work every day or two. Your core can take the workload, and you’ll see results faster if you keep at it.