Most people deal with stress on a regular basis, but not everybody knows the damages it can cause. Stress builds up in your muscles, increases tension and can actually cause physical pain in the back, neck and head area, among other places.

Combine stress with the typical poor posture that comes with working at a desk all day, and people could have back problems that should be easily avoidable.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a stressed person, your body can always use some yoga poses to release the stress that comes with everyday living and working.

Here are some easy yoga poses that help release stress.

Cat and Cow Pose

These poses work really well together. Starting from hands and knees with the shoulders and hips stacked directly over respectively, begin to bend your back so your shoulders, head and tailbone lift. Take a deep inhale in this position.

From there, do the complete opposite. While exhaling, try to arch the back up toward the sky while dropping the head, shoulders and tailbone. This is an excellent pose for your back, shoulders and hips, and after doing this a few times you should start to feel the benefits.

Standing or Seated Forward Fold

This might just seem like reaching for your toes, but this position offers so much more than that. From standing position, place your feet directly below your hips. Bend forward from the hips, extending your back and reaching toward the floor. There’s no need to push yourself closer to your all-time stretch record – just enjoy the pose!

If this is uncomfortable the same pose can be done from a seated pose. If you opt for this pose, just be sure to focus on keeping your lower back from bending too much.

Child’s Pose

One of the best poses in yoga, child’s pose is perfect for opening your hips while stretching out your back. A lot of stress collects in the top and sides of your back, so this will help you with your release.

From the cat-cow position, sit back until you’re seated on your feet. After, you have a few options on what to do. You can stretch your hands forward to get a deeper stretch for your back or you can leave them at your side, allowing your hips to open up. Either one should be refreshing!

Corpse Pose

Yes, the corpse pose is great for stress relief! This pose gives your body the natural resting motion that it might not be used to, especially since many of us don’t sleep directly on our back.

Corpse pose can seem uncomfortable at first, but after letting your body settle into the pose you can begin to enjoy the benefits of relaxation. This is also the perfect time to try and clear your head of all thoughts since most of your stress probably comes from something you’re worrying about.

To make sure that the stress doesn’t stay, you’ll want to try and flush out any of the toxins. Toxins that are stored in your muscles are released during yoga, but you need to get them out. Drinking plenty of water before and after a few poses is always a good idea.