If you’re a parent, then you know how important it is to have your kids staying active and healthy. Exercise helps kids grow, and it can form positive habits that they’ll keep for the rest of their lives.
While they might not seem very interested at first, yoga can be a healthy and fun way for children to get active. They get all the same benefits that adults get, but they’ll be building the habits way earlier in their lives.

Also, yoga is an excellent way to increase flexibility and gain strength. Kids who are in or will be going into sports can reduce their chance of injury by adding a little yoga into their routine.
To get your kids into yoga, try some of these poses. They’re guaranteed to be fun and engaging, and you just might catch you kids practicing them on their own!

Tree Pose
The classic move that most people think of when it comes to yoga. This is a great pose to start with since it isn’t as physically challenging as other poses.
This will challenge your kids to balance, and they’ll have a blast trying to see how long they can hold the pose.

Bridge Pose
Most kids look at the bridge pose and immediately want to try. Thankfully, children are generally more flexible than most adults, so the risk of injury is a lot lower. Just make sure there isn’t anything that they can hit their head on.

Downward Facing Dog
This might be the hardest pose on the list to get your kids interested in yoga, but the benefits of downward facing dog are obvious. Even doing this pose for a little bit will help them build core and upper body strength.
Also, this is one of the main poses in yoga. If they’re to become yogis themselves, then they’ll have a step ahead of other kids by mastering this one early!

Happy Baby Pose
If you’ve ever watched a baby rolling around, then you can understand why kids would be interested in this pose.
Infants have incredibly flexible hips, and the happy baby pose is meant to try and reach that same level of flexibility. This is an incredibly low-effort pose in terms of difficulty, and it gives your kids an excuse to grab their feet and roll around while they also increase their flexibility.

Warrior I and II
This might be in the upper tier of yoga moves you want to do with your kids. Warriors I and II aren’t the most fun, but the names of the poses themselves should get a lot of kids interested.
These are calming, slower moving poses, so children might not be able to stay focused for too long. Flow between these two poses, and maybe throw in warrior III to show your kids what the next step is. Again, a fun balancing pose should draw their attention!

Child’s Pose
Aptly named, child’s pose is one of the ultimate relaxation poses. You’ve probably caught your kid sitting in a position like child’s pose at some point. This comes from the same hip flexibility that babies have, and that flexibility slowly fades as we age.

Getting your kids to do child’s pose will help them keep their hips from getting tight as they age, meaning a stronger core and lower risk for physical injury as they get older.