How-Yoga-Can-Bring-You-Closer to-Others

Yoga can be a deeply personal experience. Many yogis enjoy the time they spend by themselves meditating and flowing since it gives them a chance to slow down and focus on themselves at that moment.

There are definitely plenty of personal benefits to be had from yoga, but there are social benefits as well. After all, most yogis are going to practice in a room full of others instead of alone. When you’re with a group of people that are doing the same poses as you, you give yourself an opportunity to connect with them. After all, yoga is Sanskrit for “union!”

If you’re looking to get better relationships with friends, family or your significant other, yoga could be the right place to start.

Getting Closer to Friends and Coworkers

For those that have never done yoga or don’t practice regularly, the experience can be pretty embarrassing. There really aren’t many activities like yoga, so it’s nearly impossible to be good at yoga on your first try.

Like many bonding experiences, you and your friends or coworkers can use this collective embarrassment to relax and let loose. This lets everyone’s guards go down, and it opens them up to trying other experiences with you and the others in the room.

Of course, not every yoga practice between friends or coworkers needs to be embarrassing. If you and those you know practice yoga but separately, spending time in a class together is a great way to get closer. You’ll all gain a better respect for each other, and those that intimidate you might not seem as impressive during the entire flow.

It’s also worth noting that it’s difficult to have a bad time while doing yoga, so everyone is going to end up in a good mood. It’s the perfect place for friendly bonding!

Bonding with Family

If you’re looking for an activity to do with your kids, then yoga is a good place to start.

There are plenty of positives to doing yoga with your kids and family. Yoga is active, so it’s healthy, and it also builds good habits for your kids. Even without you in the room, you should consider getting your kids to do yoga.

Aside from the individual benefits, your family could benefit from yoga the same way families use TV shows to bond: it’s an experience that you all share on a regular basis. Yoga is quite a bit healthier than TV, though, and it allows everyone to relax their mind and learn more about themselves. For kids, this time could be important for their overall growth, and that could lead to a healthier family atmosphere down the road.

For ideas on yoga poses to do with your kids outside of class, check here.

Deepening your Relationship

Because yoga is a deeply personal experience, the draw for couple’s yoga is evident. In fact, it isn’t difficult to find yoga studios that offer special couple’s classes.

These special classes will use poses that require you and your partner to work together. This will strengthen the bond between you two while also helping build trust.

Doing yoga with your partner also give both of you something to look forward to doing together, and since yoga is healthy it gives you both a chance to improve yourselves. All of these are factors that show that you and your partner are capable of commitment and improvement, both individually and together.

If you don’t normally do yoga with other people you know, you should make an effort to bring them to a class. They could end up finding a new hobby and the two of you could become stronger.