Creativity can be elusive, especially when you feel like you need it most. While nobody really understands how creativity works, there are plenty of ways to kickstart your creative spirit.

In terms of healthy, productive ways to boost your creativity, yoga has to be one of the best options. There are plenty of different reasons that yoga makes you more creative, and through practice and repetition, you can use yoga to kickstart your creativity.

Yoga Opens Your Mind

Anyone who has done yoga knows how mentally freeing it can be. The act of moving, breathing and keeping pace while pushing yourself allows your mind relax and, with any luck, empty so you can focus on your practice.

While doing yoga, you tend not to think about how hard you push yourself or what you’re doing. Because your mind is open during this, you are subconsciously allowing yourself to move and react in natural ways.

The culmination of all this is opening your mind to different forms of thinking and acting. Remember the first time you saw people doing yoga and thought about how embarrassing it would be if you tried?

The more open you are to new ideas and practices, the more easily you’ll accept ideas that go through your mind, giving you a different perspective and, ultimately, a more creative edge.

Gain Better Self-Awareness

Most creative-minded people are aware of themselves and who they are. You have to know who you are if you want to find your creative spark.

An important part of yoga is knowing your own limits, and that can be a humbling experience for most. But once you are aware of your own limits, you also gain a better awareness of your limits in other facets of life. By knowing your other limits, you can feel more at ease creating.

Build Confidence

Creativity and confidence need to go hand in hand. Creating anything can be stressful – not only do you wonder if other people would like anything you create, but it can get to the point that you aren’t even sure if you like what you created.

Fortunately, confidence and yoga also go hand in hand. Exercise is already going to help boost your confidence, but yoga specializes in clearing your body of toxins and stress, two factors that can have a seriously negative effect on your mental state.

The more consistently you do yoga, the more confident you’ll feel yourself becoming.

Gain Insight Through Meditation

Meditation is an important part of yoga, and all yogis will say that you should spend time meditating by yourself even when you aren’t practicing yoga.

While meditating, you slow down and give your mind a chance to catch up with everything that’s happened over the day or week. During this time, you can get a new perspective on past or current issues – or, in other words, get creative with ways to solve your problems.

Those that meditate regularly will also be the first to tell you that they get some of their best ideas while meditating. If you need a quick creative boost, meditation is the answer.

Relaxing and Having Fun

The main reason people lose their creativity is that they are too busy or stressed to let go and pay attention to the good ideas they have.

In practice, yoga is going to help you let go of that stress and show you that you need to slow down every now and then to make time for yourself.

Yoga and creativity both work together and the more you focus on yoga, the more creative you’ll feel yourself becoming. Just remember to be patient with yourself and your creative spirit and, of course, to have fun!