Vinyasa Yoga

There are multiple styles of yoga that people practice, such as Bikram, Hatha or Ashtanga. Each has their benefits and drawbacks, much like any type of workout.

But for yogis looking for the perfect style to practice, look no further than Vinyasa yoga. Vinyasa, also known as flow yoga, is a slower moving, fluid style of yoga. Instead of sitting in a hot room or getting stuck in a routine, Vinyasa breaks the mold and brings something new and exciting every time.

If you’re looking for the ultimate yoga, Vinyasa is the way to go.

Go with the flow

One of the biggest draws to Vinyasa is the fluid movement, or the flow. The flow is good both for the body and the mind, all because of your breathing.

The movements in Vinyasa are meant to flow with your breathing, so the deeper you focus on your breathing, the deeper your poses and mediation will become. The two work together, making this a perfect style for anyone who wants to work on their breathing.

Push yourself

After your first Vinyasa class, you’ll be thinking one thing: it’s harder than it looks.

The fluid movements are exactly what makes Vinyasa one of the most challenging styles of yoga. You’ll work out every muscle in your body during a flow workout, plus you’ll be getting a deep stretch and a nice sweat.

Vinyasa is the ultimate style if you want to push yourself, and it will help you take your yoga and fitness to the next level.

Shake things up

One exciting part of Vinyasa yoga is that no two practices are going to be the same. Instead of doing the same poses over and over every class, you’ll be challenged to try new flows, mixing different positions together.

Of course, there are parts of flow that you can count on (specifically chaturangas), but you’ll never know what’s coming next.

Get stronger

Speaking of chaturangas, Vinyasa yoga will help you build lean yogi muscles. No, you won’t get big and bulky – instead, you’ll build stronger, tighter muscles that will help you make each practice easier.

Because you get stronger in Vinyasa, you’re also going to have a harder time early on. If you’re sore after your first few classes then you know the Vinyasa is working!

Great for all levels

Vinyasa yoga might be one of the hardest styles, but it’s also the easiest to approach. It doesn’t over-complicate anything, and the poses don’t require super-flexibility.

In honesty, Vinyasa yoga is as hard as you want to make it, but in a good way. If you’re new to yoga, there are easier ways to approach poses, or even easier poses to go to. If you want a challenge, then you can go as hard as you want during Vinyasa.

If you need a way to convince your non-yoga friends to practice with you, bring them to a Vinyasa class.

Relax and have fun

Beyond everything else, Vinyasa yoga is fun. Not only can the actual flow be fun, but most instructors will turn on some music in the background to match the flow. There’s really nothing quite like a Vinyasa class.

At the same time, Vinyasa is perfect for relaxation. That might sound weird considering how difficult it can be, but the combination of the fluid movements, the timed breathing, the difficult poses and the music will bring your mind to the present.

When you enter corpse pose at the end of a Vinyasa flow, your mind is going to be completely empty, free of stress and negative thoughts. After all, you don’t have time for those when you’re focusing on every single breath and movement!

Vinyasa yoga is perfect for everyone. While it doesn’t hit the specific needs of some yogis, it has a little bit of everything, making it the perfect blend of workout, stretch, meditation and fun.

It is recommended that you have the right equipment for Vinyasa yoga. Proper yoga clothes are needed since you’ll be doing inversions, and having a block and strap around could also come in handy.

Aside from that, you don’t need any yoga expertise to practice – all you need to do is show up!