hot yoga

Hot yoga, known also as Bikram yoga, is a recent trend that has received a lot of positive and negative attention. As far as yoga goes, hot yoga is an excellent way to get more out of your practice.

However, there are plenty of horror stories about people who had a bad time during a Bikram class. But the majority of those are because the yogi wasn’t prepared for the class – something which is too common in hot yoga.

Before you go to your first Bikram class, be sure to follow these tips. Not only will these tips help keep you safe, but you’ll be able to get more out of your practice.

Drink Water – And Bring Water

Before going to your first class you need to make sure that you’re properly hydrated. However, you don’t want to overload on water since you are going to be exercising. Don’t drink too much water beforehand, and don’t eat leading up to the practice.

Also, be sure to bring a water bottle. There’s no shame in needing to drink some water during a Bikram class; you’ll be sweating a lot, after all. Grab a towel before you head out, too. You won’t want to wipe yourself down during the practice, but laying a towel down underneath you will keep your grip strong and prevent puddles of sweat from building up.

Stretch Out

In reality, you should stretch out a little bit before any yoga class. Stretching is a good way to warm up the body, and you don’t want to jump right into your first Bikram class cold and stiff.

You’ll also lower your chances of pulling a muscle or hurting yourself if you stretch out. The more prepared you are, the easier the hot yoga class is going to be.

Wear The Right Clothes

Baggy workout clothes aren’t going to cut it during a Bikram class. You want to wear clothes that breathe – if you don’t you’re going to have a tough time staying cool.

The wrong clothes will only make you feel hotter, sweatier and heavier. Too many newcomers make this mistake before their first Bikram class, but they never make the mistake again.

Listen To Your Body

Never push yourself beyond what you think you’re capable of doing. If there’s a strange pose you don’t think you can do, then don’t try it. There’s no point in injuring yourself just to try and keep up with the class.

Also, if something feels wrong and you want to step out, then you should leave the mat. Your body knows if what you’re doing is healthy or not, so the more you listen to it, the lower your chance of injury.

Try Your Hardest!

Bikram yoga isn’t easy, but it can be incredibly beneficial. Your first hot yoga class isn’t going to be easy, but you should try your hardest to do as much as you can.

You can only get better with more practice, so commit to trying to make it through your entire class. If you follow these steps before your first hot yoga class, then you should be just fine!