Picking Between Tight or Loose-Fitting Yoga Pants

If you’ve visited our online shop lately, you’ve noticed that we introduced some new styles: viscose and Buddha pants.

Viscose pants are a looser-fitting style of yoga pant, but they still hug the leg in some spots. Buddha pants, on the other hand, are much looser. Buddha pants are known for their drop crotch style that leaves tons of room under the fabric. Both are different from the popular tight fit style that has been dominating athleisure.

But when it comes to yoga, which is going to be better: tight-fitting pants or loose-fitting pants?

Tight-Fitting Yoga Pants

The most popular version of yoga pants is definitely the tight-fitting style. Athleisure revolves around this style of yoga pant, so even if you aren’t wearing them for yoga there’s a reason to own a few pairs.

Pros of Tight-Fitting Pants

When practicing yoga, keeping fabric out of the way can be important. There are a lot of movements in yoga that require you to move your body in strange ways, so it can be more comfortable for some people to wear tighter clothing.

Also, some of our styles of these types of pants and capris have mesh that helps with breathability. The YogiWear material used in yoga pants also helps with this breathability problem that other brands might have, but the mesh only makes it more breathable.

Cons of Tight-Fitting Pants

Some people aren’t comfortable wearing skin-tight clothing, whether it’s for working out or for fashion. While this style of pant is popular right now, there are other yoga pant options for those that don’t like the style.

Those with incredibly sensitive skin might also not like the tight-fitting pant style. While YogiWear pants are designed to be comfortable on anyone, there are those that simply dislike the feeling.

Loose-Fitting Yoga Pants

A growing trend, loose-fitting yoga pants are unmistakable. Both of our pant styles offer a lot of room in the legs while keeping the pants secure with tighter material around the lower legs and the waist.

As far as fashion goes, these pants make a statement. They’re fun to wear out, and after a day in either style of our loose-fitting pants you’ll see why people can’t stop wearing these pants! Aside from fashion, the comfortability of the pant and material is a huge reason to try them on.

Pros of Loose-Fitting Pants

The extra room in the legs is a huge bonus for some yogis. By keeping the fabric well off the skin, your legs are going to have an easy time breathing. The loose fit is also great for those that don’t feel comfortable wearing skin tight clothing. Each pair of our Buddha pants is one size fits all, so we know that there’s enough room in the legs for anyone who wants to wear yoga clothes but doesn’t like tighter pants.

Cons of Loose-Fitting Pants

While the flowing legs of Buddha pants can be fun, there is a chance that they’ll get in the way of your yoga practice. Of course, it depends on what type of yoga you’re doing.

If you have any type of suspicion that looser-fitting pants are going to be a hindrance to your practice, then these might not be the right pant for your style. But there are plenty of yoga styles out there where yogis would definitely prefer the Buddha or viscose pant style.

The Decisions is Yours

No single pair of yoga pants is going to get everything done for you – that’s why there are tons of different styles!

There are plenty of factors to consider, but if you were curious about our new, looser-fitting styles, then hopefully this has helped you decide if you should try a pair out.

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