Yoga Warrior Pose Outside

If you’re going to wear stylish yoga pants, then you might as well be looking good while you do!

Yoga pants can look cute on their own, but when paired with the perfect pose, you get a picturesque combo that will draw the attention of anyone.  We’ve created our yoga pants to look unique without sparing the quality you expect out of your athletic clothing. Our pants are meant to be shown off so you can reflect who you really are inside.

To get the most out of our patterns, there are some poses you should focus on while wearing a specific yoga pant.

Next time you go to yoga class or hit the beach to practice your flow, be sure to try out one of these cool combos:

Leopard Yoga Pant – Warriors I and II

Leopard print brings ferociousness and strength to mind, so why not pair our Leopard Yoga Pant with Warriors I and II? These poses give you a strong base while you hold your arms at the ready position. When you drop into your pose, you feel like you can pounce at any given moment! These poses also flex the legs and widen your base, so you’ll be showing off the entire yoga pant.

Miami Glow Capri – Triangle Pose

The Miami Glow Capri is one of our most popular yoga capri options available. It takes the classic black pant style while adding bright colors that are reminiscent of the nightlife in Miami. A fun capri style like this deserves and equally fun pose – triangle pose. By taking a wide base, you’ll show off the full design of these capris while enjoying an excellent side stretch.

Lotus Flower Yoga Pant – Lotus Pose

As far as original designs go, our Lotus Flower Yoga Pant is one of the most vibrant patterns we’ve made. While the colors are bright and fun, there’s also a calming quality to the lotus flower pants – almost as if you’re looking at flowers themselves! There’s not pose better for these pants than the lotus post. Lotus pose is a time for you to take a deep breath and focus on your inner self. It’s sort of a “stop and smell the flowers” type of pose.

Fiery Sunset Capri – Plow Pose

The sunset in Miami is unparalleled, and our Fiery Sunset Capri captures the range of colors that you see shining over the water. The hot colored pants give you energy looking at them – they’re the type of capris that make you feel like doing something crazy. The plow pose is ideal for these pants for just that reason. A fun inversion that relieves the back, plow pose puts your legs over your head as you shift your weight to your shoulders.

Dreamscape Yoga Pant – Warrior III

One of our most popular yoga pants available right now, there’s really nothing like the Dreamscape Yoga Pant. The colors are cool and calming, perfect for any type of yoga practice. But what sets these pants apart is the strip of mesh that runs the full length of the leg on both sides. To match this pant, you should prepare your entire body to hold a Warrior III pose. Warrior III is one of the more difficult poses in yoga since it works out your legs and core while testing your balance. If you can get both of your legs perfectly straight, that mesh line is going to look pretty cool to everyone watching!

Our pants and capris are designed with Miami in mind, and just like the city, our pants can fit any style or mood. Try on a pair and see what pose feels right!