As far as physical activities go, yoga is one of the easiest ones to jump into. You don’t need any expensive shoes, weights or machines to get started, and the more you challenge yourself, the better your practice gets.

While you can easily do yoga without any equipment, a lot of yogis find that using the right equipment takes their practice to a whole new level. Different items yogis use have a specific purpose, and you could end up avoiding injury and getting more out of your workout by including the right equipment in your practice.

Yoga Mat
If you’ve ever tried yoga without a mat, then you know just how important these are. But just how nice is your current yoga mat?
If you have ever started to slip on your mat, then you might need to make an upgrade. A big part of yoga is holding firm in positions like downward facing dog. If you’re sliding around on your mat while trying to hold a deep stretch, you could end up ruining or position – or worse, hurting yourself.
Try out a few mats to find out which one is best for you. Every yogi is different, so there’s no telling which accessory will work best until you test them out.

Yoga Straps
The best thing about yoga straps is that you don’t have to shell out a lot of money to get them. In fact, many yogis use a piece of an old towel or shirt they have. Anything works well.
The benefit of having a nicer strap is that many of them are adjustable, making it easier to hook around the leg or foot and easier to hold. Most stretches that use straps are generally tough, so having all the help you can get during these stretches could be key to improving.

Yoga Clothes
Any loose-fitting clothing works for yoga, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider investing in nice yoga clothes.
Nice yoga clothes, like the ones we produce, are designed to breathe while stretching with your body. The clothes don’t slide, move or pinch, and they’re perfectly comfortable to wear even outside of yoga.
Clothing shouldn’t be getting in your way during yoga. Any distractions that can be avoided on the mat should be avoided. Also, many yogis don’t think about the way seams can affect the back while lying in poses like corpse pose. Nice clothes aren’t just comfortable to wear, but they make your entire practice more comfortable.

Yoga Blanket
An alternative to yoga mats, yoga blankets are supposed to be more comfortable to practice on while providing a better grip than many yoga mats.
The downside to a yoga blanket is that if you sweat, it will be tougher to clean out your blanket than your mat.

One reason people opt for mats over blankets is that yoga clothes remove the need for added comfort. The right clothing can really go a long way.

For those that are looking for the most comfort during their practice, then a combination of the right clothes and yoga towel might be the best move. You won’t take anything away from your practice and you’ll be comfier than ever!