yoga physical therapy

The healing powers of yoga shouldn’t be understated – and now there’s scientific evidence to back it up.

According to a recent report, yoga poses can be as effective as traditional physical therapy when trying to reduce back pain. Because of the easy, flowing motions of yoga, the back is able to become stronger and more flexible at the same time, reducing your chances of having lasting back pain.

Yogis probably aren’t surprised to hear this, and it’s only a matter time until other yoga poses are proven to be helpful with physical therapy and pain reduction.

For those that experience back pain, there are right and wrongs things to do when approaching it with yoga.

Picking The Right Poses

Experienced yogis know that the wrong poses can end up causing more pain and discomfort. If your goal is to heal your back, then there are even more poses that you want to avoid.

Less can be more in yoga, and that’s the approach that should be taken for physical therapy.

The best pose to start with is child’s pose, a pose that many beginners often look right past. Child’s pose is great for stretching out the back, loosening the hips and shoulders and releasing tension.

Because of child pose’s wide range of effects, this could potentially help with back pain across the entire back – but it should be ideal for people with lower back pain.

Cat pose and cow pose are also easy ways to get the back active. When doing cat-cows, you are lightly stretching your back while strengthening the core. You can probably see how this would ease back pain in the long run.

How Else Can Yoga Help?

Yoga still isn’t accepted by modern medicine as an effective form of physical therapy for other parts of the body. Yes, you’ll be able to find clinics that use yoga to help people heal, but your doctor isn’t likely to prescribe yoga.

But it’s important to be aware that yoga does help the body heal, especially in conjunction with traditional physical therapy. Because yoga is only as hard as you make it, you can monitor your movements and work only as hard as you want to.

Yoga has also been used for mental therapy, thanks to the calming nature of the sport. There are plenty of other ways that yoga can heal your body and mind that still haven’t been realized. The best approach is to do what feels right and listen to your body.