Beer Yoga: Yoga’s Hottest New Trend

Move over, hot yoga, because there’s a new yoga trend that’s sweeping the nation: beer yoga.

Yes, a style of yoga called beer yoga is growing in popularity. Ever since it started a few years back, the new style of yoga has been drawing new people to the mat on a regular basis.

But what is beer yoga, and is it a good idea to try it?

What Is Beer Yoga?

Beer yoga is just about exactly what it sounds like: yoga with beer.

While people are on the mat practicing yoga, they sip on a beer. Typically, a beer yoga routine will last about an hour over which you will drink one beer. Of course, different places might want to use different rules for their beer yoga, but these are the basics.

As you might imagine, beer yoga tends to use less strenuous yoga moves. While hot yoga’s goal is to get you to sweat and lose weight, beer yoga’s goal is to help with your mental state.

A big part of yoga is reaching toward nirvana, and meditation plays a large role in every practice. By adding beer, some yogis find that achieving a deeper level of meditation on personal awareness is possible.

Because beer yoga is a new trend, there’s really no telling whether or not drinking beer while practicing is going to help with your mental state.

Is Beer Yoga Good For You?

In general, drinking beer is not a healthy practice. Combine beer drinking with exercise and odds are that you’re still taking in more calories than you’re burning, especially since you don’t tend to exert yourself as much if you’ve been drinking.

Beer yoga is mostly a trend, but it does have positive impacts. No, drinking beer while doing yoga isn’t going to make you lose weight – but if you are having trouble convincing yourself try yoga and you enjoy beer, this can be an easy way to get introduced to the ancient practice.

Also, there are different ways to consider yourself a “healthy” yogi. If beer is something that helps you achieve a deeper meditation while on the mat, then there’s no reason why you should stop doing beer yoga.

Beer, while often considered empty calories, does offer some health benefits. Chemicals in beer have been known to help kick-start digestion (something that yoga also offers), and there are plenty of antioxidants to be found in beer.

So, is beer yoga good for you? It really depends on what you’re looking to get out of your practice. If you’re trying to lose weight, sticking to traditional or hot yoga is probably the best path.

If your goal is to get better at yoga, get to a better mental state and enjoy your time on the mat, then beer yoga could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Fortunately, the trend is so popular that it’s fairly easy to find a class nearby.