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Yoga to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

The year is almost over, and your New Year’s resolution to stay healthy has been going well. However, we’re in the midst of the most difficult time of the year to stay fit and healthy: the holidays. Between all the dinners, cocktail parties and desserts, staying fit during the holidays is a difficult task. But […]

Why Vinyasa Yoga is the Perfect Style of Yoga

There are multiple styles of yoga that people practice, such as Bikram, Hatha or Ashtanga. Each has their benefits and drawbacks, much like any type of workout. But for yogis looking for the perfect style to practice, look no further than Vinyasa yoga. Vinyasa, also known as flow yoga, is a slower moving, fluid style […]

Easy Poses to Loosen Up Your Hamstrings

Easy Poses to Loosen Up your Hamstrings Whether you exercise regularly or just enjoy doing yoga every now and then, there’s a good chance that you suffer from tight hamstrings. The hamstrings are an important part of the body since they’re very active. Walking, sitting, standing, running and just about any movements below your hips […]

Picking Between Tight or Loose Fitting Yoga Pants

Picking Between Tight or Loose-Fitting Yoga Pants If you’ve visited our online shop lately, you’ve noticed that we introduced some new styles: viscose and Buddha pants. Viscose pants are a looser-fitting style of yoga pant, but they still hug the leg in some spots. Buddha pants, on the other hand, are much looser. Buddha pants […]

Tips to Follow Before Doing Inversions

Tips to Follow Before Doing Inversions In terms of having fun doing yoga, inversions have to be some of the best positions. There’s nothing like standing on your own head to wind down after a stressful day. Inversions are also good for detoxing and cleaning out the body. Your body is forced to work harder […]

Yoga Poses to Open The Heart

5 Yoga Poses to Open the Heart The heart is an important part of yoga practice – so important that there’s even a word for heart chakra: anahata. Outside of yoga, the heart plays a series of important roles. First, the heart is responsible for moving blood throughout the body. Since yoga is an excellent […]

How Yoga Can Bring You Closer to Others

Yoga can be a deeply personal experience. Many yogis enjoy the time they spend by themselves meditating and flowing since it gives them a chance to slow down and focus on themselves at that moment. There are definitely plenty of personal benefits to be had from yoga, but there are social benefits as well. After […]

How Yoga Can Boost Your Creativity

Creativity can be elusive, especially when you feel like you need it most. While nobody really understands how creativity works, there are plenty of ways to kickstart your creative spirit. In terms of healthy, productive ways to boost your creativity, yoga has to be one of the best options. There are plenty of different reasons […]

Pairing 5 Yoga Pants with the Perfect Pose

If you’re going to wear stylish yoga pants, then you might as well be looking good while you do! Yoga pants can look cute on their own, but when paired with the perfect pose, you get a picturesque combo that will draw the attention of anyone.  We’ve created our yoga pants to look unique without […]

How Many Calories Can You Burn During Yoga

When it comes to exercise, you wouldn’t be blamed if you didn’t consider yoga to burn a lot of calories Tons of forms of yoga don’t exactly make you start sweating, and poses like corpse pose and child’s pose are pretty far from what most consider to be physical activity. However, we know that yoga […]