new year yoga poses

As the saying goes, “new year, new you.” Yoga offers the chance for personal reflection while also improving the mind, body and spirit. Whether your resolution for the new year is losing weight and getting fit, meditating more, improving your health or simply adding a new hobby, yoga can help you reach your goal and more.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been practicing yoga for 10 years or if you’ve never practiced before. Everybody can benefit from adding these new year poses to their life!

Boat Pose

Navasana, the boat pose, is a great way to build lean core strength without placing pressure on the lower back. While you tone the core, you’ll also be practicing better posture – and let’s be honest, most of us could stand to improve our posture at least a little bit. This makes the boat pose a perfect new year pose to transform the body.


One thing the new year and yoga have in common is seeing the world from a new perspective. So this year, why not add a nice headstand or handstand to see the world differently – both literally and figuratively! Inversion like headstands and handstands are great for circulation, and it allows blood and nutrients to flow to the top of the body more smoothly than normal.

Downward Facing Dog

Downward facing dog is one of those poses that will never go out of style. A yoga staple, this move is used by beginners and experts alike. Downward facing dog acts as a relaxing pose, but it still engages the full body enough to keep the blood flowing.


On its own, the plank pose seems more like a workout than a yoga pose. But if you mix a simple plank into your yoga routine, you’ll get the benefits of stronger core and arm muscles. The best part? You don’t even need to hold this pose for a long time – just come back to it a few times during your routine. Do this enough, and you’ll build lean muscle in your upper arms, tone your abdominal wall and feel great in just a few short moments.

Locust Pose

Many new year resolutions are going to involve losing weight and getting fit. When it comes to fitness, the back often gets overlooked. The locust pose strengthens the entire back while also providing a nice little workout for your belly. For those that sit at office chairs throughout the day, the locus pose could end up becoming one of your favorites. You’d be surprised how much better you’ll feel when your back is happy!

Twisted Chair Pose

A do-it-all pose, the twisted chair pose engages your entire lower body and your core. While you build strength in the lower body and core, the pressure to your lower torso will help release toxins that will eventually flow out of the body. The twisted chair pose is also perfect for improving breathing, and if you time your breathing with the pose, you’ll find that the benefits are even greater!

Corpse Pose

Everybody can agree that they love the corpse pose. Shavasana, or the corpse pose, is a restorative yoga position you usually do at the end of a routine. The pose consists of laying down and restoring the mind, body and spirit. This is easily one of the easiest and most refreshing poses in yoga, and we could all stand to use some more restoration.


No matter what you’re looking to get out of the new year, yoga can provide. Just find the poses that work best for you, stick to them and before you know it, you will have transformed yourself, inside and out!