yoga for back pain

Most of us have to sit down all day for our jobs. The human body wasn’t designed to sit all day, especially for extended periods of time. Even if you have a comfortable chair and great posture, you’ll probably find that your lower back doesn’t always feel so great.

Yoga can be an excellent and relaxing release for your body – lower back included. If you start adding the right poses to your daily routine, you’ll find that your back is not only going to hurt less while also strengthening the muscles that help you support your upper body.

A great release, cat-cow is an easy and relaxing pose. Start on your hands and knees with your shoulders above your hands and slowly lift the hips and head to the sky, creating a curve in your back. Take a deep inhale in this position. On the exhale, push the back up toward the sky while bringing your head and neck closer to the body. Alternate between the two to get a nice massage for your entire back.

Downward Facing Dog
Sometimes the only thing your body needs is a nice inversion to get rid of any muscular pain or discomfort. Downward facing dog will give the entire spine a break while loosening up the hamstrings and legs. Try peddling your feet, alternating between having one leg straight and the other bent. This inversion will help the blood flow and reduce pain to the back.


Forward Bend
This is much more than just stretching toward your toes. Take a slight bend in the knees and place your hands on your shins. Look straight ahead, straightening your head, neck and spine. Then fold from the hips, keeping your spine in line with itself. Don’t worry if you can’t touch the floor – the goal here is to let the spine hang and stretch out.


Child’s Pose
Child’s pose is one of the most relaxing poses there are, and as an added bonus it offers a release for your back. When you sit back into child’s pose, try to reach your hands forward to stretch out the back. Hold this for a while, and maybe even move your hands from one side to the other to give the sides of your back a deeper stretch.


Supine Twist
The supine twist is one of the best stretches for the lower back. Lay flat on your back and then bring one knee to your chest. Hug it for a little bit, then release it down toward the floor on the opposite side of your body. Extend your arms with the shoulders flat on the floor and look away from your knee. Don’t push yourself with this one, though – if something hurts, then stop before that point. You don’t want to hurt yourself while trying to heal yourself!

Sphinx Pose
This pose, when done correctly, can be an excellent release for the entire lower part of your torso. Start by lying flat on your stomach. Put your arms in front of you and push up with your hands so your upper body lifts off the ground. If this is pinching your back, put your arms further away from your body. Be sure to take deep breaths!

Lower back pain is common in society, but you can always make things a little easier on your back. Enjoy the poses and stretches! Namaste.