morning bed yoga - child pose

A lot of us wouldn’t consider ourselves “morning people.” Getting out of bed can be one of the hardest parts of the day, and it can take hours – and plenty of coffee – to start feeling awake and capable of taking on the day.

What if there was a way to make the mornings just a little bit easier? Well, have you tried yoga?

Early morning yoga poses aren’t going to make you sweat or ache, but they’re designed to wake up your muscles, get your blood moving and breathe some fresh air into your body.

Try out some of these positions next time you wake up – you’ll notice a big difference in your morning!

Child’s Pose

childs pose

One of the easiest and most relaxing poses in yoga, you might want to make child’s pose one of the first stretches you do. This pose is going to wake up your back, hips and shoulders, all while giving you a chance to focus on taking some deep breaths…not to mention that this pose requires no movement, whatsoever.

Sun Salutation

Sun salutations are an appropriate pose to do early in the morning – just as the sun is rising, you may as well salute it! Sun salutations will give your back, legs and arms a stretch. Also, as you stretch up toward the sky, you’ll open up your lungs to bring some fresh air in. After a few sun salutations, warm blood should be starting to reach your fingers and toes.

Forward Bend

After you do some sun salutations, forward bends are a good place to go. By this point your legs should be more warmed up, so stretching out the hamstrings and lower back is going to be a lot easier. To make this even better, you should take a wide stance with our legs and fold down. Another step would be to interlock the hands behind the back and stretch the shoulders out as well.

Cat Cows

There’s never a bad time to include some cat cows in yoga. These are perfect for loosening up the back and the hips, but you can also use this as a good shoulder and neck release. Depending on how you sleep, you can easily stiffen up your neck throughout the night. Getting the neck moving is going to help the blood flow to your brain, and that will make you feel more awake.

Downward Facing Dog

If you’re going to be doing yoga in the morning, you might as well be doing all the normal poses! Downward facing dog is going to take all the blood that you’ve started moving through your body and bring it back to your center. This works as a sort of inversion, and if you didn’t feel awake after any of these other poses, downward facing dog is going to make you feel like you’ve already had your coffee.

Triangle Pose

The last pose you should do before taking on your day is triangle pose of yoga. This one is going to test your balance a bit, but if you’ve done the other poses than you should be perfect. Triangle pose is going to include a side stretch and twist, hitting the last major part of the body that hasn’t been woken up yet.

Morning yoga has become a popular trend for many people. They find that practicing early in the morning helps them relax and reflect while preparing for their day. Others even claim that they didn’t need to drink nearly as much coffee to feel awake and alert. If you’re skeptical, just try one day – you’ll probably be hooked!