escape yoga injuries

Every now and then there’s media buzz about how a lot of yogis end up getting injured while on the mat. Just like any other physical activity, yoga has the potential to cause injuries.

Fortunately for yogis, the most common injuries are pretty easy to avoid. It might take some extra time and practice, but you’ll improve your yoga practice while reducing your chance of getting an injury. These steps should help you avoid any disaster and find a better flow on the mat.

Stretch Out

Yes, most forms of yoga will involve stretching. But if you’re worried about pulling something, it helps to do a pre-yoga stretch.

Don’t do anything too serious during this stretch – the goal is just to loosen up your body enough that you aren’t feeling stiff or rigid by the time class starts. Getting your blood moving will decrease your chances of straining something.

Improve Your Hand Positioning

Many yogis end up suffering from wrist pain caused by putting all the body’s weight on the wrists. If this sounds familiar, then the issue could be with your posture.

When putting your hands on the ground, you want to make sure that you’re planting into the mat with every finger extended out. The more weight you put on your fingers, the lower the chance you’ll overexert your wrists. Practice getting your hands as flat on the mat as possible before jumping into your next class.

Don’t Worry About Straight Legs

Whenever you do a forward fold, you might want to stop and look at the instructor. It isn’t uncommon for people to keep their knees slightly bent on these types of stretches.

There are a few reasons for this. First, it is more comfortable, and it allows you to focus on more than just the stretch. Second, it keeps your body looser, decreasing the chance of you pulling something in your lower back or the back of your leg.

Get The Right Equipment

While you don’t need equipment to practice yoga, you can reduce your risk of injury by adding props in. Blocks and straps are ideal for someone with tight limbs since they will allow you to better regulate just how deep a stretch goes.

While working with knees on the mat in a deep lunge or similar pose, a towel padding the knee will help keep you more comfortable. Also, don’t overlook the importance of yoga clothes. The right clothes are designed to add to your practice and not take away. Annoying clothes can make you twist and turn in ways that end up hurting.

Pay Extra Attention During Dangerous Poses

There are plenty of dangerous poses in yoga, such as headstands and handstands. If you’re concerned about any of these poses, it’s best just to avoid them entirely.

If you want to try these poses, proceed with caution. A poorly executed headstand can strain the neck, and falling out of a handstand can hurt any part of your body that hits that ground. These are easy injuries to avoid if you pay special attention while trying the pose.

Leave Your Ego Off The Mat

When you leave your ego off the mat, you begin to become an all-around better yogi. Many yoga injuries happen when people push themselves to try something that they aren’t entirely sure they’re able to do.

You’ll be able to get those tougher poses with time, but it takes practice. Don’t force yourself into anything difficult and enjoy your flow for what it is at your own pace.