yoga poses at beach

If you’ve ever stressed about what to wear out to the beach, don’t sweat it – we’ve got you covered. You may have noticed that yoga clothes are becoming more popular for beach goers. Some of those people are going to practice yoga in the sand, something we highly recommend trying.

Other people have realized that yoga clothes are great in the sun. Our yoga clothing is breathable, so you’ll feel more comfortable than you would wearing normal clothes.

But the best reason to wear yoga clothes at the beach? Because they look great! Athleisure, the trend where people wear athletic clothing in casual conditions, is only getting more popular. You can’t go a full day without seeing someone rocking some of their athletic clothing!

Here are some of our products that are bound to look great on you next time you hit the beach:

Dreamscape Pant

One of our hottest items right now, the Dreamscape Yoga Pant combines bright colors that remind most people of sunrise and sunset over the sea. The fabric is breathable, but there’s also a strip of mesh down the legs to add extra comfort while in the sun. These colors are easy to match with and fun to wear!

Palm Sunset Capri

The Palm Sunset Capri Pant is another style that will remind you of the sunset. Also in the design are plenty of palms and bright orange hues. Just looking at these will make you think of relaxing in the shade under a tree at the beach. With these on while you lounge at the beach, you’ll look like the definition of relaxation.

Downward Dog Tie Up

Black never goes out of style, and it’s pretty popular right now. The Downward Dog Tie Up Matching Set is a 4 way stretch fabric outfit that gives a slimming look. Included in the set is a hoodie that offers protection from the sun while still giving your arms and belly a chance to catch rays as well as a cute pair of tie up style black yoga pants.

Miami Sky Bra

Reminiscent of the sun shining, the Miami Sky Bra is a top that combines blues, oranges and white to become a completely unique design. Made with the same YogiWear material as the rest of our products, it stretched to fit and leaves plenty of skin out to enjoy the sun. Oh, and this easily matches with tons of yoga pants and bottoms!

Floral Leggings with Slit Back Tank

A matching set where either piece can be interchanged with other clothing, the Floral Leggings With Slit Back Tank Matching Set is a combo that’s ideal for moving around and rocking the athleisure look. The floral leggings are fun on their own, and the tank can match with just about every other item we have in stock.

Do you have a favorite YogiWear item that you wear to the beach? Share and let us know on social media!