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Unique Yoga Clothes by YogiWear

Our yoga wear is made from the lightest most durable materials available. Our stylish colorful designs are sure to make you standout at your next yoga session.

Our leggings feature unique designs straight from the shores of South Beach. All our products are made in America of the highest quality material, sweat shop free.

Find the perfect look for you – something that reflects who you are, both physically and spiritually. Find the matching outfit that will help you get the most out of your workout. Find the Yogiwear that’s perfect for you!

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South Beach yoga wear collection

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Yogi Wear Collection

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Yogi Wear is proud to donate a portion of each sale to the Now I Can Foundation

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So, does yoga actually give you more energy? The answer is yes! We can actually look at what yoga does for the body to find out why it gives you more energy, both on and off the mat.

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#Sexy #Namaste Crop Top

This sleek crop top features thin straps, round neckline with mesh panel, horizontal striped burnout mesh front #design, and a mesh back with cut-out accent. 87% polyester, 13% spandex

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It’s no secret that #men can be a little hesitant to try #yoga. It isn’t really a “macho” kind of activity, and you won’t build big, glamorous muscles the way you would through weightlifting.

But yoga is a legitimate form of #exercise, and just like any other #workout yoga has plenty of benefits. For guys, yoga could end up being the missing piece in your daily routine. Here are some reasons men should do yoga.

Give this world good #energy... These color leggings have double chevron accent of contrasting solid white and mesh panels on the front thighs as well as slanted solid black panels on the shins. The front pocket on the waist band is ideal for your phone, cash, and ID.

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Flowing into #fall... the smell of #autumn🍁 
#morningyoga #yogajourney #wanderlust #travel
★★★★★ "I love this brand and their #yoga pants especially... I was surprised to see how great the #quality was even after washing them multiple times and wearing them several days in a row. The fit is just like when I bought them, the color never faded and it didn't shrink either. #Love it and have bought many more since my first purchase." ~Noemi

Halasana Hidden Pocket High Waist Leggings
Move over, #hot yoga, because there’s a new yoga trend that’s sweeping the nation: beer yoga.

Yes, a style of yoga called #beer yoga is growing in popularity. Ever since it started a few years back, the new style of yoga has been drawing new people to the mat on a regular basis.

But what is beer #yoga, and is it a good idea to try it?

Harness the beauty of the #ocean and reach your inner peace with these aqua blue and tan workout pants! 
Inspired by the therapeutic hues of the ocean, these #yogapants reflect the glistening blue colors of the #sea. With a unique scale-like geometric pattern, you are sure to feel like a yoga siren in these Aqua Mermaid Yoga Pants. 
Perfect bottoms for any body type, these leggings will make you look good and make you feel good, knowing that they are 100% completely manufactured in the USA. 
Fall Special Offer

Before: $54.00 
NOW: $49.00

Music in the soul can be heard by the universe. ~ Lao Tzu

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Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls. ~JC

#morning #yoga #fall #yogiwear.com

Why shop at yogiwear?

Being a devoted and passionate Yogi, Betty has created a unique line of yoga wear that is comfortable and beautiful, yet reliable for even the most challenging yoga poses. Her stylish line of yoga clothes is created from fabrics that move with your body while also moving with your personal style and spirit.

It’s hard to find yoga clothes that look cute and can withstand even the toughest yoga classes. When you do find them, they may be too warm for hot yoga classes, or they don’t fit the way they should around your body.

Yogiwear was designed with the yoga spirit in mind. Your body is a temple, and your workout clothes should reflect that.

Each piece of Yogiwear clothing was created to be unique yet stylish, giving you the chance to express yourself in every practice. There are plenty of different cuts and styles to choose from, ensuring that there’s something for every Yogi out there.

Yoga wear shouldn’t just look good, either. Yogiwear doesn’t sacrifice quality to make your yoga clothes stylish and trendy. Each piece of clothing is made with materials that are designed to be both flexible and comfortable, fitting around you like an extension of your own being.

Lastly, your yoga clothes should be comfortable on and off the mat. Yogiwear is designed to fit comfortably around your skin, removing any distractions that your clothing might be creating. Our clothing is also designed to make any workout better and easier. The fabric is entirely breathable, so it won’t get in the way of any strenuous workout you have.

Forget about any bad experiences you’ve had in the past with yoga clothing. Yogiwear will make you forget about what you’re wearing when you need to focus in the studio, and it will stand out to others to make a statement about you. Our variety of colorful pants, capris, sexy bras, tanks and matching outfits are bound to take your yoga practice and personal comfort to the next level.